Executive Summary

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Candidate rector

Albert Corhay


Inspiring the future together.

Conceiving and realising ambitious projects that respect everyone’s self-development.


Sincerity, courage, responsibility


A Rectoral College, composed of personalities with a solid professional track record within and outside the institution, who are consequently well prepared through their academic skills to exercise their respective duties as Vice Rector, and whose missions are conceived to optimise complementarity (and integration) in order to promote cohesion and coherence inside the team:

  • Ann Lawrence DURVIAUX, candidate for the position of First Vice Rector and Vice Rector for Education.
  • Jean-Olivier DEFRAIGNE, candidate for the position of Vice Rector for Research.
  • Jan BOGAERT, candidate for the position of Vice Rector for International Relations, Cooperation, and for the Development and Management of the Geographically Remote Campuses.
  • Isabelle HANSEZ, candidate for the position of Vice Rector for Human resources development and well-being at work
  • Didier VRANCKEN, candidate for the position of Vice Rector for Citizenship, Communication and Institutional Development.

Three missions of the university

University education defines itself through scientific research and, in equal measure, clinical practice, practical experience, and the related ethical imperatives. Therein can be found its roots, its sources of inspiration. It aims to shape people in order to make them responsible citizens, scientists acting within and for the good of society, intellectuals with a critical mind, all collaborating confidently towards the future, in order to ensure economic, social and cultural progress.

Our vision of the university consists in promoting excellence whilst also considering the professional future of our students and young researchers.

Our conception of university education is based on our respect for pluralism, intellectual freedom and diversity, all values that allow an opening up to the world.


  • Promoting diversity and avoiding uniformity;
  • Investing in collective intelligence;
  • Encouraging collegiality;
  • Discouraging unjustified competition and individualism;
  • Inviting all actors to assist in resolving problems as and where these arise, making each actor aware of his or her responsibility for constructive action;
  • Promoting modesty, sobriety and honesty.

Our priorities for the next four years

  • Sustaining the already initiated strategic approach, combined with a simplification of the decision-making structures and procedures (yet not at the cost of good collegial relationships between the different levels).
  • Developing human resources so as to enhance well-being at work for all categories of staff members.
  • Improving the performance of the central administration by rethinking the interactions between the core administrative departments on the one hand, and the faculties, research centres and units on the other, so that the central administration acts as a supporting service enabling teaching staff and researchers to focus on their key missions.
  • Making education more attractive and improving the quality of research so as to reaffirm our role as a promoter of knowledge and progress.

Our ambition

To advance together with confidence towards a future of progress and humanity.